Stemtech AFA Extract Malaysia

Stemtech AFA Extract

A 100% Natural Supplement hasProven to Improve Your Health by Supporting the Release of Stem Cellsfrom Your Bone Marrow to Replace All Dead Cells of Your Internal Organ

The World’s First and Only Patented Scientifically Proven Stem Cell Nutrition

Are YOU…

red_bullet41 facing health challenge?

red_bullet41 lack of energy and can’t focus on your work or study?

red_bullet41 tired of taking medication and it did not work for you?

red_bullet41 looking for natural supplement for health benefits?

Stemtech Stem Cell Nutrition

The Stemtech products have made such a difference to the way I live my life. I used to need a nap every afternoon but no more – I have so much energy now! I go on mountain walks every day, my muscles and skin are beautifully toned and people cannot believe I’m 73!” – Sharon, Idaho.

Stemtech Stem Cell Nutrition

“After sharing the extreme discomfort I was having with my knee it was recommended to me that I try StemEnhance. Having tried various therap
ies and products to no avail I was most anxious to began taking StemEnhance, the best decision I could have made. I can now straighten my knee for the first time in 7 1/2 years after having unsuccessful surgery and am now without pain. As well I have increased energy and better sleep. Because of the many health benefits these products have I want to share them with everyone.” – Audrey Toop

What is Adult Stem Cells?

How Adult Stem Cells could improve & maintain your health?

Are You Amazed?

Yes, body has the ability to renew itself…..

With the support of Stemtech AFA Extract you could obtain optimum heath by supporting the natural release of Adult Stem Cells from your bone marrow.

Due to factors such as age, stress, pollution and poor diet, there is a reduction in the release and activity of Adult Stem Cells, causing a decline in your body’s ability to renew itself.

Christian Drapeau Stemtech

“Results of scientific studies indicate that increasing the number of circulating Adult Stem Cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health.”

– Christian Drapeau, Stemtech’s Chief Science Officer

Adult Stem Cells are present in your body from the day you are born and arenaturally produced in your bone marrow.

Dr Somersall Stemtech

Dr. Somersall’s 5 POINTS about Adult Stem Cells:

1. Everybody has stem cells

2. Everybody uses stem cells

3. Everybody uses stem cells everyday

4. Stem cells work

5. Stem cells work every time

Your tissues and organs are constantly turnover in a certain period of time. Below is the life span of each organ in your body.

Tissue renewal Stemtech

In essence, here’s what happens when a need develops in your body…3StepHumanCirculation

no1 The tissue or organ in need sends chemical messengers into the bloodstream.

no 2 These chemical messengers prompt the release of Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow.

no 3 A second set of messengers sent by the tissue in need prompts the circulating Adult Stem Cells to migrate into the tissue, proliferate (make more) and transform themselves into healthy cells of that tissue!

What is Stemtech AFA Extract?

Stemtech AFA Extract is…

Stemtech AFA Extract

  • the world’s first ever natural Stem Cell Enhancer.

  • the only nutritional supplement in the world proven to support the natural release of your own Adult Stem Cells from your bone marrow!

  • consists of a patented natural concentrate of an edible aquatic botanical known as Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA).

What does Stemtech AFA Extract do?

Stemtech AFA Extract support the natural release of Adult Stem Cells from your bone marrow to your circulation system.

Stemtech AFA Extract DOES NOT contains

red_bullet27 stem cells

red_bullet27 sugar

red_bullet27 artificial flavor

red_bullet27 preservatives

red_bullet27 coloring

Stemtech AFA Extract only contains

green_bullet29 Aphanizomenon flos-aqua

Stemtech AFA Extract is

green_bullet29 Certified HALAL by JAKIM

green_bullet29 Vegetarian

green_bullet29 Natural

What people say about Stemtech AFA Extract?

Before Stemtech, I had low energy, woke up feeling tired and had no stamina. After a short few months on Stemtech products, I have superb sustained energy, sleep so much better and awake feeling refreshed.” – Len

My active participation in soccer brought severe discomfort and extreme inflammation and I was told that it wouldn’t get better without a major medical treatment. After finding out about Stemtech and taking StemEnhance twice a day, I am back playing soccer even better than before and with ease! I am so very grateful for this Stemtech product, each and every day.” – Marco, Mexico

My mom was recently diagnosed bilateral breast cancer (both breasts) on 16 Oct 2012 and went for bilateral mastectomy (remove her whole two breasts) on the next day. She had to undergo 15 cycles of radiotherapy treatment at her chest area (28 Nov 2012 – 14 Dec 2012). Before she started taking Stemtech, she experienced tightness at her chest and having trouble to sleep at night. After taking Stemtech on her 9th cycle (6 Dec 2012), she felt much better. There was no more chest tightness, no pain in the morning and she had a good night sleep until now. On 28 December was her follow up with the doctor after the radiotherapy treatment. Even the doctor was surprised to see how healthy my mom was and the physical examination proves it.” – Masrina, Malaysia

1 gram of Stemtech AFA Extract support an average 25% increase in the number of naturally released Adult Stem Cells.

Stemtech Chart

That’s equivalent to about 3 to 4 million new stem cells in circulation – making Stemtech AFA Extract one of the greatest wellness discoveries of our time!

More success stories for you…

I have been taking Stemtech products for 5 years and my health just gets better every year. I feel my foundation health is stronger.” – Linda, Australia

With SE2, my energy level and recovery rate is so much better than that of other men in my age group. One guy who has known me since college approached me after watching my latest race and said, ‘After seeing you today, I need to try whatever you are taking!’ So you can see that sharing SE2 with people is easy. When I can dominate in my age group (and usually beat younger competitors’ times, too), I am a ‘running advertisement’ for SE2 and all Stemtech’s nutritionals!” – Frank, World Class Runner

My 4 year old son is suffering from eczema since he was born and he is a picky eater. I have tried almost everything to ease and cure his eczema. After knowing the Stemtech product is organic algae based and halal, I gave him one capsule daily hoping to help with his eczema. After a month consuming Stemtech, the eczema and scratching has reduced dramatically. Now, I’m confident and no hesitation to introduce Stemtech to others.” – Rokiah, Malaysia

For quite a while, Campos had been having trouble seeing out of his left eye. He could tell that the vision in that eye had become badly compromised during the twelve years his body had been battling a progressive disorder often associated with aging. Then StemEnhance® (now SE2®) and StemFlo® came into Campos’s life and he was in for quite a pleasant surprise: “In just over one month, I began noticing that I could see better through my left eye,” Campos says, noting that the improvement has continued since. What’s more, he no longer makes the frequent night time trips to the bathroom that are generally associated with his chronic disorder, so life is much improved for Campos. “I sleep through the night now,” he says, “and this is wonderful! I am happy to tell everyone just what StemEnhance (now SE2) and StemFlo have done for me. People have to try these products!” – Campos, Namibia

Stemtech AFA Extract™ is different from traditional multivitamins that work by supplying nourishment to old cells.

Instead, Stemtech AFA Extract™ supports the natural release of adult stem cells, the “master” cells that maintain tissue by transforming themselves into healthy new cells.

This may help you maintain universal health and give you the edge you need to feel your best.

Who should take Stemtech AFA Extract?


Who wants to enjoy optimal health.

Who wants optimal fitness and performance.

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